Alföld-Style Goulash

2023-02-05 17:18:08+01:00

HU, main, soup

Cook chopped onions on hot fat until translucent and becoming golden, add the crushed garlic, take the pot off the stove and sprinkle with paprika.

Then add the diced beef, pour water on it and season with salt, black pepper, caraway seed and bay leaf.

When it has come to boiling steam it covered over medium heat until it is 75% ready.

Add the diced carrots, parsnip, stalk cherry and potatoes together with the chopped parsley and the stalk celery leaves. Add so much water that it should flood the mixture by 3-4 fingers' breadth, when it has come to boiling, season again with salt and pepper, cook it until ready over medium heat.

Serve it hot, decorated with stalk celery.