New Ways Out of the Struggle of Testing Embedded Devices

2019-11-10 21:00:23+01:00

Format: Talk
Where: Automated Testing Summit 2019

In this talk I showed how we are doing embedded testing at Penugtronix. The first part covers war-stories about all the problems we are currently having. The second part gives an outlook how we may address those problems.

I also wrote a blogpost that summarizes the ATS from my veiw.

My abstract to this talk was:

Continuous Testing (CT) of Software for Embedded Devices is gaining
more and more attention. Pengutronix is currently running 60+ boards
for interactive development and CT of Embedded Software.
This talk begins with an overview of the equipment currently used in
the Pengutronix board farm and takes a look at the (dis-)advantages
of the current setup.

Afterward this talk gives suggestions on how the current issues can
be solved using custom devices for multiplexing and testing of
electronic buses as well as the use of non-USB-based bus systems for
controlling the test equipment.
This talk concludes with a Q&A where the audience is invited to give
a brief summary of their solutions and share their experience.