Twitterbot: Decisions were Made

2019-03-19 21:50:38+01:00

Have you ever noticed misplaced items in a supermarket? Like, someone left a chocolate bar where the toilet paper is presented and you thought: Well, decisions were made!. You have never notices those? Well, I bet you will now!

My Twitter bot @shopdecisions tweets a photo of such occasions.

The bot is based on my very simple twitter-decisions-were-made-bot. It needs some directories next to the script. You can create them directly inside the git:

  • incoming: Place your full-resolution photos here. The bot will resize all your photos to something reasonable. After resizing photos are deleted from this directory.
  • incoming_falied: If something goes wrong during resize the original file will be placed here.
  • backlog: This is where all resized photos go in. All photos are stored here until they are randomly selected to be twittered.
  • done: All twittered photos will be moved here.